Thursday, 1 December 2011

Final Assignment

1.    Make a team (preferably 3 or more persons).
2.   Choose a text (or a theme discussed by several texts).
3.    Everybody reads the text
-       already when reading the text think about
= what is says about culture
= a point or an idea that strikes you as interesting or intriguing – just one, at least
= how does the text relate to your own experience?

4.    Team meets and discusses the text.
This part is more important than a cute presentation. I do not need resumes to tell me what the texts say, I’ve read them all. The course is not about you being able to reproduce in correct manner arguments pertaining to a set of thinkers. The course is about getting a handle on theory, seeing it unfolding, trying to mess with it even when you are not necessarily theoretically inclined. Trying to see how and where theory speaks of practice and reality, what does it have to say.

5.     In a form of your own choice make a sum-up and presentation about the discussion.
I repeat: not of the text you have read, but what came up in the discussion, how did you understand the text/theme.
The presentation can be a slide-show – a video – a picture (but prepare to verbally explain it a little anyway, to others). It can be a dialogue, a short scene staged by the team. It can be a poem. It can be just the notes from your discussion written out and read aloud. Use the idea of the presentation to give your imagination about the text/theme some scope and kick!

The presentations will be held in Ateljee 14.12 between 10.00 – 12.00 Again, the important thing is to communicate your thoughts and discussion to the others – who then please make their comments. I have reserved time precisely for discussion and comments.
14.12 will be a general ”Critique Day” of the department, so that after lunch (from 13 on) we will continue in Värjäämö with presentations of works from Pia’s Workshop of Contemporary Art, and after that anybody who wants to can present their work from a course – teachers will tell about courses in Spring – students can give feedback – and we’ll end with a departmental Xmas party. All Culture as Production students are welcome!

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